Tour Schedule

2021 Tomato Tour!

We're excited to be back on the road in 2021!


Gotham Storytelling Festival, NYC November 7

Rosebud Opera House Oct 15-31

Saskatoon Fringe July 29-August 7

Ottawa Fringe Virtual Show June

The Spot, Roanoke, VA April 30

Edinburgh Fringe Virtual Show January


Stay tuned as we continue to update our Tour Schedule details as more theatres reopen

Until then stay safe and healthy!



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Lunch Box Theatre/ High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, AB Jan 10-25

Wellspring Calgary Virtual Show May 14, 24

Floyd Country Store Virtual Show October 24


New York FRIGID Fringe February 20-March 9

The Spot on Kirk Roanoke, Virginia April 27

Brighton Fringe May 3-6

Orlando Fringe May 15-19

Windsor-Walkerville Fringe May 22-26

Regina Fringe July 10-14

Winnipeg Fringe July 17-28

Edmonton Fringe August 15-25, 5 Hold Over Shows 

Vancouver Fringe September 5-15, Hold Over Show

Unity Centre of Awakening-November 22, Vancouver Benefit Show

Soho Playhouse, Off- Broadway NYC -November 30-December 13 


Chicago, Illinois June - 2018

Toronto Fringe - July 4-15, 2018

Edmonton Fringe - Aug 16-26, 2018

Vancouver Fringe - Sept 6-16, 2018

Roanoke, Virginia 2018

Floyd, Virginia 2018