2020 Tomato Tour!



But wait.....we have a few more to add!  Check back here and follow us on social media to learn about new shows and details to our tour schedule!




Lunch Box Theatre/ High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, AB Jan 10-25


New York FRIGID Fringe February 20-March 9

Awards: Most Inspirational, Festival Spirit, Sold Out Show

The Spot on Kirk Roanoke, Virginia April 27

Brighton Fringe May 3-6

Orlando Fringe May 15-19

Windsor-Walkerville Fringe May 22-26

Award: Spirit of the Fringe

Regina Fringe July 10-14

Winnipeg Fringe July 17-28

Edmonton Fringe August 15-25, 5 Hold Over Shows 

Award: Top 3 Fringe Picks-  Global News

Vancouver Fringe September 5-15, Hold Over Show

Award: Pick of the Fringe

Unity Centre of Awakening-November 22, Vancouver Benefit Show


Chicago, Illinois June - 2018

Toronto Fringe - July 4-15, 2018

Edmonton Fringe - Aug 16-26, 2018

Vancouver Fringe - Sept 6-16, 2018

Roanoke, Virginia 2018

Floyd, Virginia 2018