Audience Feedback

“A tale about choices and how to respond to life changing events. Understated but profound advice on how to live a more meaningful life. Uplifting, funny and profound.”
(Derek Gemmell, Edinburgh)

“Take me seriously when I say everyone must see this. It's beautiful, and I only wish the best for Keith. It will help you work out your own tomatoes and banjos in life, and leave you with hope for the world.”

(Eloise Rouse, Edinburgh)

“Life affirming show from a very personable performer. Passable Banjo player who has raised £345000 for charity! Well done.”

(John Dewhurst, Edinburgh)

“A very touching performance, describing his own life and cancer journey. Very poignant, reminding us what is important, and a need to reflect on one's life. A must-see show!”

(Wendy Reakes, Edinburgh)

“Keith is a wonderful storyteller. I admire his ability to pinpoint and convey the "Big Bang" moments in his life to craft such a beautiful and moving narrative. His story is profoundly resonant and poignant- it had me still reflecting on my own life long after the show ended.”

(Ege Atila, Edinburgh)

“Keith Alessi tells his own story in a very beautiful way about his life and always looking forward through the windscreen, not in the rear view mirror. Highly recommended. We went to see it not sure what to expect but were highly rewarded.”

“ GO SEE THIS!!! Beautiful story told masterfully in a way that has you hooked. Honesty. Clarify. Reality. And a touch of banjo music. 
Keith tells his personal true story and causes lightbulb moments to go off for everyone in the audience. Amazing. Great show.”

(TG, Edinburgh)

“It's one of those outstanding shows you feel privileged to have experienced. We booked because of the link with banjos - and were curious - we got so much more. A show that will remain with us for ever as one of the great life affirming stories.”

(Sandra and David, Edinburgh)

“It's easy to see why past reviews have been so favorable. Great life story, and so well told. Kudos to Keith!”

(William (Billy) Weems, Edinburgh)

“I went to see this because I like banjo music, but it was infintely more than that. The personal story of how a love of music can raise you from the worst that life can do. Highly recommended!”

(CD, Edinburgh)

"That was, without doubt, the finest fringe-style show I have ever seen. It was sensational in every important way. The subject was compelling. The script was carefully crafted: there was not one surplus word, and there were a number of clever connections to earlier moments. The use of tomatoes and banjos for life’s challenges and victories is nothing short of brilliant. It was poignant, moving, funny and uplifting. And your storytelling superb. It was so impressive." ~Bruce (Floyd, Virginia)

"Nice Loved this show! Riveting and profound. Live life to the fullest." (NYC)

"Thoughtful, touching biography. Being an expat Canadian living in NYC, having grown up at a similar time too, I was personally engaged yet the material was not only touching and graciously presented, the performance was poignant. Everyone in the audience felt it; there was a subtle unifying connection. It was uplifting and inexplicable definitely in the mix, making it a lasting contentment of shared experience." (NYC)

"Loved the show... I laughed... I cried... I walked away with good lessons..."(NYC)

"Very touching. Good performance." (NYC)

"An amazing journey presented here - very touchy and powerful story told in a very intimate theater...makes you look, as Keith Alessi suggests, in your closet...and forward through the windshield...This is an authentic and not-to-be missed!!!" (NYC)

"Very well done- humorous, poignant, excellent." (NYC)

"Heartfelt personal experience, like a Moth story hour. Good story teller.
I will leave it up to the listener if he/she wants to hear about a personal journey." (NYC)

"Very good show. Heartfelt and moving. Enjoyable." (NYC)